Movement efficiency is paramount. Each of us develop habits and movement patterns through our lives that alter authentic movement. This can be due to previous injuries, athletic experience or even day-to-day activities. These deficiencies limit our potential for progress and can sometimes increase our chances of injury. Throughout the training process I use a variety of assessments to evaluate each client. This helps us identify any problematic patterns, correct them and move on to a better training experience and better quality of movement.

The Proper application of various periodization models are applied to systematically and safely progress throughout your training program. The model selected for you will be based on your goals and current circumstance. It ensures that you're not placed in a program that you're not ready for, reduces the chance of injury and ensures that you have an individualized approach to reaching your goals.

In order to get the most out of your training, we focus on basic human movements emphasizing ground based exercises. Basic human movement and performance is largely determined by our ability to efficiently apply force to the ground, thus we train in a way to maximize that force and efficiency.

I believe There are 5 critical elements when creating great athletes.

1. Movement proficiency- You must effectively hip hinge, squat, push, pull, and carry. these movements are the basic fundamental movements that all things are based on.

2. Base level of conditioning- A base level of aerobic capacity allows you to train harder in addition to obtaining a more full and better recovery.

3. max strength- Strength precedes power. in order to run fast, jump high, and change directions we need to be strong. Moving your body requires you TO apply force into the ground. All things being equal, the person who applies the most force, moves the fastest.

4. power- is the ability to apply that force with speed and efficiency.

5. athlete/ client specific energy systems- based on your athletic endeavor you will use a combination of specific energy systems to perform at your best throughout a competition. whether it be aerobic, a-lactic, anaerobic power, or anaerobic endurance we will train you to be ready to compete.

Effort and attention to detail are the most important aspects you can bring to your training program.

I am dedicated to progressively increasing my knowledge of evidence-based training principles in order to provide you with the best possible programs and techniques. This helps to ensure your safety, progress toward youR goals, and the highest quality experience available.